Meet the Doctor

Dr. Joe Bafile has been helping people live pain free in his chiropractic clinic in Sugarloaf, Pa and the Greater Hazleton, Pa area. As a chiropractor with experience he is committed to promoting health and living a life drug free.

Dr. Joseph V. Bafile Jr
Clinic Director

Chiropractic has helped me continually make a difference in lives of the people that seek our help, so adding nutrition to the care of those who seek to be well and live well only make sense and speeds up the healing process.  I have experienced the benefits of whole food nutrition through Standard Process and the teachings of Dr. Royal Lee, since I was in high school when I first realized the benefits of Immuplex.  Since then it has been my passion to continue to learn how these nutrients without fail allow the body to express it self better when give the proper environment to heal.  My conviction is that as Chiropractors we have the great ability to address peoples concerns by affecting the Physical, Mental/Emotional and Chemical states of their bodies. So to me Chiropractic bundle with Nutrition is a great combination to provide and care for families in the community to my best ability using the knowledge from education, wisdom from God and life experience.  I appreciate the opportunity to be of service whether I serve one or many.

Dr. Courtney L. Brosious